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Science in the language field!

Hello everyone! As I commented in my last post, I've been quite busy lately, and things have not changed. But somehow I always have some spare time that I like to spend watching videos on YouTube or reading about interesting things. And what I find most interesting (at least now, since my likes tend to change from time to time) is SCIENCE! Yes, I love science. The understanding of the world that surrounds us by observing and experimenting with it is something astonishing for me. And the results to which you can get by just doing this two things BLOW ME AWAY! I've always been more interested in the fields of physics and astrophysics, but when I entered the teacher training college I was presented with a term which really blew my mind and of which I have never heard before: LINGUISTICS, which is the field that studies Language. And as a teacher of a Language and a very curious person, it was only logical that it was going to catch my attention the way it did.  I read a lot of int…