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Is there a Gene for Language?

Hello! Today I wanna share with you a video in which experts in many science fields talk about what in known as the "Language Gene". This may come as a surprise to many of us, but there is quite a concensus on the matter that there are genetic traits passed on from one generation to another which may account for the ability to acquire and manipulate language. Well, maybe these fellows can explain it better than I do, so here's the video y'all!
I hope you like it, it's quite interesting.

Example of an instructional sequence around a task

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you something I learnt in the Teacher Trainning College. We've been reading about Task-Based Language Teaching and for homework we had to create an instructional sequence following the steps presented by David Nunan in his book "task-based language teaching" 

Below the chart you will find one task presented with its Microfunctions, Macrofunctions and the grammar involved within it. This idea of representing the Functions of language comes originally from Michael Halliday, and Nunan adapted it to the world of tasks. 
I hope you like it and that you can implement this in your classrooms. Its a good way of planning and also of reflecting on your practice if you are a teacher. And if you are not, maybe you can learn about how we teachers plan having in mind all these different concepts.  BTW: The video mentioned in the tasks can be found here ;)

Step 1 Watch a short clip about Clarence’s morning day (TV show). Identify the differe…