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A Short Story by Me

Greetings, world. Today I shall share with all you a production of my very own. It was written two years ago for the final project of the subject Written Language III in the teacher trainning college where I study. I got my inspiration for writing this story from a psychological test which became kind of viral back when I was in secondary school. It is more of a legend, I later learned. But it was pretty cool back then. If you are interested in reading this story, I'd recommend you to read it first and read the story of the psychological test later. Once you finished, you will understand why. 
Without any further introduction, my story: The Dark Side of Love.

The Dark Side of Love, by Joaquin Kruel
Cassie was the type of girl who liked to talk. She hated being the centre of attention, but stories were her flaw. She hated when people told stories the wrong way, and as both a scientist and a mathematician, she believed that truth in facts were divine and beautiful. That is why she dec…