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Example of an instructional sequence around a task

Hello everyone! Today I want to share with you something I learnt in the Teacher Trainning College. We've been reading about Task-Based Language Teaching and for homework we had to create an instructional sequence following the steps presented by David Nunan in his book "task-based language teaching" 

Below the chart you will find one task presented with its Microfunctions, Macrofunctions and the grammar involved within it. This idea of representing the Functions of language comes originally from Michael Halliday, and Nunan adapted it to the world of tasks. 

I hope you like it and that you can implement this in your classrooms. Its a good way of planning and also of reflecting on your practice if you are a teacher. And if you are not, maybe you can learn about how we teachers plan having in mind all these different concepts. 
BTW: The video mentioned in the tasks can be found here ;)

Step 1
Watch a short clip about Clarence’s morning day (TV show). Identify the different parts and his actions (verbs). Match them with the corresponding images.
Step 2
Listen to Clarence telling his mom what he did that morning and practice the conversation. Mention the things he forgot to tell and move away from the original conversation, creating a new one.
Step 3
Listen to three different native speakers talking about their routines and habits. Extend the language incorporating new verbs and some vocabulary.
Step 4
Listen to the conversation between Clarence and his mom again and focus on the form of negatives and interrogatives, copying their intonations and repeating. Roleplay the conversation.
Step 5
Students get in groups of two and they both choose a character from a cartoon or movie they like. They must each interview each other to find out about their routines and habits.
Step 6
Students write what they did today, using at least the verbs. They include two false things that they did not do. They get in groups of 4/5, each read aloud their routine and the rest must find out what is false.

Choose a character from a cartoon or movie that you like. You will be interviewed and you must tell the interviewer about your morning routine. Then you will have to ask the same to him/her.
Exchanging personal information
Past simple


  1. I want to be Ikari Shinji in the second activity❤

    1. 07:00am - 10:30am : feel sorry about myself
      10:30am - 11:00am : breakfast
      11:00am - 11pm : be a waste of life

  2. Lovely tasks!! Very original and attractive for students!! On Thursday I'll give you more detailed feedback


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